How To Plan A Successful Week, Every Week

Summary of this Video Demir and Carey emphasized the importance of having a clear vision for your life and business and provide practical tools for setting and achieving meaningful goals to you. Now, the third section is about winning the weak lifestyle, which focused on the importance of your self care, relationship building, and personal […]

How To Use The Mastery Of Words To Close More Sales

Summary And there are language patterns that you can learn to do things such as help people keep their commitments, build rapport, overcome objections and close more sales. So prospects must understand the value of what you’re offering first, because if they don’t believe in what you’re offering, excuse me you could try to overcome […]

How To Get Greater Autonomy And Freedom Faster

Summary Now, this sounds like an unusual topic to be talking about, but what you need to understand is that without focusing on your productivity or your wealth, there is no way that you’re ever going to get to your ideal lifestyle. The second thing is that you need some form of the group around […]

Grow Your Business With Membership

Summary So let’s say, for example, your membership was say $50 a month, but it’s costing you $100 to get one member. Now, the second step after they’ve performed that step of coming into your membership is you’ll find that once they start to consume a little bit more like they’ve got some kind of […]

Grow Your Business By Increasing Lead Flow

Summary What does it mean to identify a customer? Now, what I mean by behavioral is that 20% of people are probably ready to take action right now. However, it’s the follow-up that matters. If I’ve got somebody who like if you think about yourself walking down the street, walking into a shop who’s just […]

How To Plug A Leaky Sales Funnel

Summary I want to talk to you about how to plug a leaky sales funnel with ad retargeting. Then another example might be those that come to your website about jelly offers sorry, that found jelly information, but we want to retarget them with just jelly offers, right? So the first offer to call prospects […]

How to Plug a Leaky Sales Funnel with Ad Retargeting

Summary Now, what a lot of people do is they leverage the content they’ve created on their blog posts and they can share it via, say, email, and social media, and it attracts some form of attention. But the biggest benefit of setting up a blog is the fact that you can segment people that […]

How to Grow Your Local Business

Summary And when it’s a professional platform, you can see on LinkedIn that there are a lot of people out there that will try to spruce you and say, Hey, just post a lot of content out there. Now, local business is very underutilized and when I say local business, it’s people on LinkedIn that […]

How to Create and Market a Killer Offer

Summary They fail to take or to sell to offer that end state that somebody’s looking for and specifically in their marketing. And on the left-hand side what do they have, what do they feel, what is their average day, and what is their status? And I’m just going to walk you through eight questions […]