How to Master Effective Communication and Uncover Hidden Issues with Your Prospects

Summary of this Video Now, in this video, we’re going to explore the art of speaking to that problem or the secret problem or the secret desire by first identifying the known unspoken problem and understanding there’s a problem that’s actually spoken about.  And by recognizing the known unspoken problem, you can demonstrate empathy and […]

How to Maximize Sales by Nurturing Your Existing Leads

Summary of this Video And one of the biggest frustrations for many business owners and entrepreneurs is the feeling that they’re constantly chasing after new leads without seeing the results that they want. But by investing time and your energy into lead nurturing, you can turn those leads into loyal customers who will not only […]

How to Create Your Own “Lead Magnet”

Summary And there are a few things that you’re going to need to set up a lead magnet. So the key thing that you’re going to need is, first of all, obviously a lead magnet. The second thing you’re going to need is a way to capture people’s information, whether that be an email address, […]

How to Connect with your Ideal Customer

Summary And when I say connecting with your ideal customer, what I’m going to show you is called the instant Empathy method. Now, what I’m going to demonstrate to you here is when you’re understanding who your ideal prospect is, you need to get into their mind and understand what their fears and frustrations are […]

How to Increase Your Facebook Group Engagement

Summary of this Video In today’s video, I want to talk to you about using Facebook groups to engage your audience. Facebook groups are one of the most powerful ways that you can use to engage your audience, and also they can help you create raving fans that will help you promote your products and […]

How to Overcome the Sales Struggle When Signing a New Coaching Client

Summary I’ll explain, the number “1” sales mistake killing a coaching business is creating and then offering too many coaching package options to solve a prospect’s problems. She’s only nagging you because you been putting it off as you need to make a hole in the wall to hang the damn picture. So many things […]

How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Sales Objections

Summary Sales objections are issues that a prospect communicates to a salesperson as a reason or reasons why they can’t buy a product or service from them. As a salesperson, consider the transformation that your product or service delivers to the potential prospect and how can you best demonstrate that value. This is where you […]

Perception Is Reality Part 4 – “Effort and Sacrifice”

why sacrifice is important, reduce customer effort, why effort is important

Summary of this Video Let’s look at the difference between what it takes to get fit by going to the gym and including the effort and sacrifice versus, say, a solution such as liposuction. So on the fitness side of it, for effort and sacrifice, we may want to wake up one or 2 hours […]

Perception Is Reality Part 3 – “Time Delay”

time delay, to decrease, what is time delay

Summary of this Video Now, in today’s video, I will talk about value driver number three, which is a time delay. So time delay is the time between a prospect or a client buying and receiving the promised benefit that you made in your offer. Many times there’s a short-term experience that occurs while you’re […]